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"The four soloists were outstandingly good: soprano Lucy De Butts had a clear, incisive tone matched with a fine sense of style for music of this period" Bristol Post

"Lucy De Butts leaves an outstanding impression, her exceptional soprano confidently mastering the breakneck Olympia coloratura and the glittering high notes sovereignly" Fuldaer Zeitung



"Lucy De Butts as the automated woman Olympia commands a coloratura soprano of outermost brilliance, meets the mechanically choppy, dizzingly high notes perfectly, and brings to the role a fresh, lively soprano, with gorgeous automated movements and edgy hand-kisses blown in response to her applause." Gelnhäuser Tageblatt



"As Olympia the doll... Lucy De Butts ignited a storm of enthusiasm with her appearance." Gelnhäuser Neue Zeitung


"In the Olympia Act Lucy De Butts shines as both vocally and dramatically agile. Her coloratura is acurate and sometimes razor-sharp, without lapsing into a stringing together of staccato notes. In addition she presents a secure articulation." 

Maintal Tagesanzeiger


"A happy ending in Mozart is always accompanied with a helping of melancholy and nostalgia. Noone presents this more  beautifully than Violante the Marquise, alias Sandrina, who has disguised herself as a gardener. Lucy De Butts presents this role, with her sensitive soprano and equally sensitive charisma." Tagesanzeiger


"With a strong ensemble and two highlights...the soprano Lucy De Butts conquered the role of Inez with her bright, agile voice, singing the breakneck coloratura with ease. And Milan Siljanov as Figaro has a sonorous bass-baritone voice, and the necessary rogue for this double role." Neue Zürcher Zeitung



"...the funny dramatic coloratura role of Inez. Lucy De Butts, who also has The Queen of the Night in her repertoire, brings this role to the stage not only with sovereign singing, but with the playfulness and confidence to suit this sassy-virtuoso role - a great performance" Der Landbote


"The remarakble performance of Lucy De Butts should be noted, who replaced Gabriela Bürgler at short notice. Her musical contributions were embued with the sweetness and delicacy appropriate to this repertoire." La Liberté

"Lucy De Butts knew how to delight the audience with her bell-like voice, with the solo performance of 'Rejoice Greatly, O Daughter of Zion"